Remember...? Back in 1994 Apple introduced a unique online service called eWorld. With its homelike, cozy look and feel it fascinated its users even though it was rather expensive compared to other online services. eWorld competed directly against AOL, CompuServe, and MSN, and finally lost this competition. On March 31, 1996, at 12:01 am the service shut down. Apple's management decided that the product was doomed to fail in a market where AOL had such a commanding lead.

Most of the former eWorlders still wander around in this endless virtual excitements of the internet searching for something like their old community. People who only know the graphical online standards today would probably look at eWorld, one eyebrow raised, asking: "So what? That was it? Where's the action, the animation?"
To those poor people who never waited more than one minute for their computer to start up there's only one thing to say: You just don't know.

eWorld is gone, but it will still remain in our hearts and memories. We will always miss its cool communities.

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Click here for a simulation of Mac OS 7 and eWorld in Flash --- A lot of features available like AppleCDAudio, AfterDark, eWorld...